About the Author

E. K. Broich has always enjoyed three things in life: Pepsi, big sweatshirts, and stories.  Her love of stories and storytelling in all its forms becomes obvious when you first gaze upon the tubs and tubs of books she owns, as well as the just insane number of movies she has.  This obsession (let's just call it what it is) with stories led her to starting her first novel when she was fourteen years old.  That novel was THE GUARDIANS OF LIGHT, BOOK ONE: THE BETRAYER, the first of a young adult, high fantasy trilogy. 

Finishing the first draft in a year, she then spent the next several years editing and preparing it for publication, finally self-publishing it in 2008, when she was eighteen.  Why the delay?  Well, she also maintained a very busy high school career...but more on that later.  It soon became apparent that Broich did not have the proper know-how of the literary industry to successfully market her book.  She'd jumped the gun a bit.  So, for another five years, she spent a great amount of time learning all she could about the industry, and when she finished the last two books of the trilogy, she decided it was time to update the first (because remember, a fourteen year old wrote it). 

It's been 10 years since THE BETRAYER was first written, and Broich continues to learn and to pursue her dream of publication, one way or another.  Broich holds a BA in history, and another in religion, and a master's degree in Theology and Ministry from Boston College.  Having spent time in London,  New York,  and Boston, Broich returned to her home state of Iowa to pursue her career as a campus minister...and to continue her work as an aspiring author.

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